• 50 years of Motion Systems

  • Machine Motion solutions require experience and expertise and are often complex. We have 50 years of experience applying motion technologies in the South African and African markets. Our strength is understanding and implementing these technologies.

Our Projects


We have long standing partnerships with our suppliers whom we represent in the Sub-Sahara Africa region.


With our experience and expertise, we provide you with Motion System Solutions from concept, engineering design, software integration, training and service. We take overall responsibility of our system solution design.

About Us

We are a privately owned company providing Motion System Solutions for 50 years. We have long partnerships with our overseas suppliers and our customers.

The company was built on providing service and support. This was further developed in providing Engineering and Integration services. The company is taking the next step in providing solutions in the Digitisation world.

Frequently Ask questions

We have a service team at all our branch offices. At our Gauteng offices in Johannesburg we have an mechanical and electronic repair centre.

We can offer system design services, the products and also install and integrate our solutions. We do not just sell a product but ensure it correct application. In this way we provide complete system solutions.

Our products and expertise focus on machines where some form of motion is taking place. Simple applications are pumps, fans and conveying to more complex applications such as multi-axis robotics or converting and printing machine applications.

So we like to control motion from synchronization, positioning, cams and coordinated motion profiles.

If you require a Motion System Solution ... We Are Available For You