Our Company

SA Power Services is a family owned business started in 1969. It now has a footprint throughout South Africa with offices in all major centres. The Gauteng offices are where our logistics and repair facilities are located. Our regional branches offer sales, service and system integration solutions. The Gauteng offices also support sales and service activities into Sub-Sahara Africa. Being a well-established company we have the advantage of having sound systems in place from Logistics to Human Resources and Accounting.

The SA Power values are based on long term relationships with our suppliers and customers. SA Power has represented Lenze Germany since its inception and the close working relationship ensures that we are completely up to date with the technology to ensure the most up to date system solutions. We have equally long and strong relationships with all the companies we represent. These long relationships ensure that we have excellent product know-how which is critical for new applications as well as servicing installed systems.

Having grown from a small family business there is an underlying commitment to service throughout the company. We achieve this with our loyal and committed staff working as a team. Our service commitment includes product repairs, support, on-site support to more complex application engineering. We have a strong application engineering team who have over many years developed a broad range of experience in drives, control and automation over many industry sectors. This team is in regular contact with our overseas suppliers and are continually trained on the latest technologies. With our Value Chain we are proud with what we have achieved to date and look forward maintaining and developing partnerships into the future.
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