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Automation Software Engineering made EASY

FAST Automation Software Toolbox

With Lenze FAST, our automation software toolbox, you can combine intelligent standardised software for different machine modules in a single application framework. This reduces the motion software engineering work by up to 80%. It leads to a considerable reduction of the time needed to develop the basic machine functions.

MOTION - Software

FAST Motion

Speed control for conveying, extruders, pumps and fans.

Positioning – relative, absolute and registration options

Digital linear synchronisation and non linear electronic cams

Winding, hoisting and simple multi-axis robotics


FAST Technology

Advanced Motion technology in modules which are proven and tested. Complex Motion tasks are then easily available for machine implementation.

Modules include Rotary Cross cutters, Winding, Robotic Pick and Place, Palletising and Smart Track conveying.

modular framework - Software

FAST Framework

A structured framework which allows for easy implementation of FAST modules in an organised structure.

The framework ensures proper communication between modules, flexibility in system design and enhanced  system status handling.

ROBOTICS - Software

FAST Robotics

Ready-made robotics modules make it extremely easy to integrate kinematics into the entire automation process. Technology modules for pick & place applications are available for this purpose, with models designed for different kinds of kinematics.

A fully functional robotics core is already integrated to ensure the greatest possible degree of freedom.

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