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The right automation system solution for every machine

Complete machine motion system solutions with IOT connectivity. Visualisation software and hardware, Motion Control hardware, Networked systems, Inverter Axis Controllers and a wide range of Motors and Geared motors.

The hardware and software solutions are designed to efficiently work together as a Motion System. In the world of Digitization, easy IOT and Network connectivity.

connectivity - Automation Architectures

System Connectivity and Visibility

Multi-Network connectivity: Connectivity between devices, visualization and control with standard network protocols. Modern industrial devices are getting more and more connected to field-buses or industrial Ethernet networks.

Connectivity via OPC UA to Local Area Networks and IOT. Simple networks and single protocol for visible information flow.

scaleability - Automation Architectures

System Scalability and Openess

Lenze range of products ensure that the best product is selected to meet the solution requirement.

Lenze Motion modular machine software with Lenze PLC Designer and FAST Modular Software. Programs can be build up from modules as required.

Software based on IEC61131-3, PLC Open and CIA402 open platforms. Open standards and future proofed architecture for maximum re-use.

safety - Automation Architectures

System Safety

Ensuring safe machine operation is an essential element of Motion Systems.

Different safety levels from drive based safety, controller safety to overall system safety and compliance.

With our Integration Team we have extensive experience in the practical implementation of machine safety systems.

digital - Automation Architectures

Digital Engineering

Convergence of the digital and physical worlds including information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT). Digital Networking is the lever to increasing resource efficiency and system optimization.

Digital Data – Capturing, processing and analysing.

Automation – combining traditional technologies with IT.

Connectivity – Interconnecting the entire value chain.

Digital Access – Internet connections.

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