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System Design3 1000x500 - Engineering

Engineering Services from Concept to Implementation

We pride ourselves in staying up to date with the latest technologies in our field of system automation. We use our experience and expertise to design and implement system solutions from original concept.

Through a process of consulting with our customers, we identify and define the system requirements in a Functional Specification. This Functional Specification forms the basis for the Engineering team to design, propose and implement a system solution that meet the customers requirements.

DSD Design 3 450x300 - Engineering

Defining the customers needs

We consult with our customer in order to understand the needs, systems and processes required.

It is an open discussion to establish customer expectations, system requirements and urgency. Through this process we assist with technical advice based on our experience and expertise.

This discussion is summarized in a draft Functional Specification document on which a budget proposal can be made.

System Design - Engineering

Defining the Solution

If the decision is made to proceed, a detailed Functional Specification is prepared. This describes how the Machine or System will work from the users perspective – it does not say how it will be implemented. It does describe features required, field control devices, safety risk areas, screens, menus and dialogs.

The detailed Functional Specification is agreed and signed by both parties. It is then the basis on which the engineering team will design the system and prepare a firm Project Proposal.

Software Engineering 350x250 - Engineering

Designing of the Solution

The Functional Specification is used by Engineering to design the system solution which is summarized in the Engineering Project Technical file.

This process includes risk assessments, hardware selection, control, motion safety and communication design. It will detail machine information systems. This process will finalise the Project Proposal with detailed financials and terms.

IMG 4710 - Engineering

Implementation of System Solution.

The implementation will be based on the agreed and signed Functional Specification and customer order based on the Project Proposal.

Project implementation is undertaken by the appointed Integration Team. They will manage the complete project to planned procedures and agreed timelines. Implementation includes drawings, building of enclosures, software, site installation, commissioning, machine and safety verification.

IMG 2684 - Engineering

Completion of the System Solution

As part of our Project Procedures, project completion requires that:

Both parties sign off that agreed Functional Specifications has been implemented. Both parties sign off the Safety and Risk compliance of the system after which customer takes control of machine Safety. Hand over and training of customer and SA Power Service teams for ongoing support to the customer.

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