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Integration Services - Implementing solutions

SA Power Integration Services and SA Power Eastern Cape provide the group with Project Integration expertise. Their capabilities and expertise within the group, gives our customers the advantage of turnkey System Solutions from SA Power.

We have broad experience across industry sectors in the upgrading of machines and production lines with new technologies, improving performance and extending machine life. Increasingly a large part of such systems is upgrading Safety Standards in order to meet legal requirements.

We assist OEM machine builders with the system implementation.


electrical drawings - Integration Services

Electrical System Design and Drawings

Based on Functional Specifications, electrical systems are designed and drawings prepared for system build.

Systems are designed and built to South African standards and applicable international standards required by our equipment providers. Our systems meet the required compliance standards.

safety engineering - Integration Services

Safety Engineering

All Systems require Safety compliance. There is no compromise on our systems safety and all systems will be designed and installed with Lenze and Pilz Safety Solutions.

We design our systems in accordance to international required safety standards so that customers correctly operating machines can be assured of safety compliance.

building of electrical cabinets - Integration Services

Building of electrical cabinets

We take pride in building cabinets and enclosures of high standard, quality and compliance.

Panel components, switch gear, cabling are installed to manufacturers specifications.

EPlan (company standard) drawings are prepared for all system solutions.

software programming - Integration Services

Software Programming

Software for Machine Motion requires strict standards and internal controls and checks. Such software. supported by the Engineering team, is prepared, developed and tested prior to site installation.

Programs and visualisation are be written and commissioned according to Functional Specifications.

All software is developed to SA Power standards. These standards ensure that all technicians, OEM and customers can support the software products.

installation - Integration Services


On completion of preparation of off-site systems, our integration team will start on-site installation.

This normally starts with stripping of existing systems and preparing for new. Mounting and wiring of new systems, motors, gear units, cable trays, panels, interfaces.

Testing and ensuring required standards are met.


Commissioning and Training

Commissioning of systems follows a specific procedure starting with basic approval and testing of safety systems.

This is followed by step by step commissioning of all systems to final verification and approval prior to production hand-over.

Customer engineers and operators are trained during this process.

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