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Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes Clutches Brakes

Electromagnetic Brakes and Clutch supplied by Intorq used on Motors and Geared motors in Motion applications from lifts, cranes, wind-turbines & conveying.

Moenninghoff Toothed Clutches and Brakes for specialized applications.

Intorq Spring applied brakes type BFK458

The BFK458 spring-applied brake is a standard product of modular design.

Applications: Brake motors, cranes, warehousing, wood working machines, industrial trucks, stage machinery, vehicles for the disabled and escalators.

Braking torque 1,5-600 Nm. 9 sizes CSA-CUS design. DC voltages: 24, 103, 180, 205 V

Intorq Spring applied brakes type BFK470 IP66

The BFK470 IP66 spring-applied brake for harsh operating conditions. Enclosure provides protection against dust and moisture. Brakes designed for 100% duty cycle.

Applications: Wind turbines, cranes, low temperatures to minus 40 deg C and mining.

Braking torque 2 – 370 Nm. 7 sizes IP66. DC voltages: 24, 103, 180, 205 V

Intorq Clutches / Brakes 14.105/115

Electromagnetic clutches and brakes are machine components used for dynamic switching of driven loads. INTORQ products have operating times, low motor moment of inertia and torque transfer with no torsional backlash.

Clutch and braking torques from 7.5-480 Nm. 7 sizes. DC voltage: 24 V

Intorq Clutch Brake Units 14.800

Clutch-brake combinations are frequently used in switched-mode systems with synchronous drive speeds. They are very rugged and easy to maintain.

Characteristic torques of 7.5-120 Nm. Brake and clutch mounted in a housing

Moenninghoff Toothed Clutches

Specialized DC electromagnetic clutch units used in machine applications. Designed to transmit torque without slip, fixed positions and torque limiting functions.

Various designs with torques up to 2200 Nm.

Brake Control Electronics

Spring-applied brakes basically work on the on/off principle. The mechatronic INTORQ Control braking system enables the braking torque to be applied very precisely and adapted to the dynamic response of the drive. The ideal combination of mechanics and electronics.

High-speed switch-gear. Electronic switch-gear. Half-wave and bridge rectifiers. Spark suppressors.

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