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software tools - Software Tools

Engineering software tools

Engineering Tools that support you through each phase of your project. Tools incorporating extensive engineering know-how to provide you with software solutions that simplify and accelerate your engineering process.


easy essentials - Software Tools

EASY Essentials

With EASY Essentials, you can find, size and configure the right products quickly, easily and precisely. Useful engineering data, e.g. CAD data, M-n characteristics etc., are provided for your use. These products have no charge for basic functions.

EASY Product Finder. DSD – Drive Solutions Designer. EASY Starter.

easy advcance - Software Tools


With the EASY Advanced licence, you can adjust, analyse and optimise the drive for the application in question more precisely and efficiently. Additional functions for convenient commissioning and optimization of the drive train.

Advanced license features include multiple tasks and axes, oscilliscope, controlled program updates and external tools via OPC-UA.

EASY Product Finder; DSD – Drive Solution Designer; EASY Starter; Engineer

easy professional - Software Tools


EASY Professional license contains all the functions you need to plan and implement complex tasks for complete automation of the machine you are designing.

Features include to graphically configure inverters with the FB Editor for the particular tasks of your machine, to program inverters or controllers for the tasks of your machine (logic and motion), to set up complex processes (e.g. electronic cams or coordinated movements), to parameterise safety functions and to create your own motors in DSD.

EASY Product Finder; DSD – Drive Solution DEsigner; EASY Starter; Engineer; PLC Designer.

Visiwinnet - Software Tools


Fast and efficient – the VisiWinNET® product range is a visualization software platform intended for mechanical systems engineering tasks.

Consistent, integrated visualisation software.

For classic machine-oriented operator and monitoring functions (HMI) and sophisticated SCADA systems client/server technology

Quick application creation

Ready-made visualization components (templates) and examples make it possible to create applications quickly and efficiently.

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