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Maintaining constant tension with FMS products.

Winding/unwinding, slitting, coating, printing and many other production processes require constant material tension.
With current drive solutions, sensor technology, bus systems and amplifiers tension control has become state of the art in converting lines, metal, paper and wire manufacturing and processing. Nowadays, tension measuring load cells are part of the standard equipment in running web production lines.


FMS LMGZ Force Measuring Load Cells

The LMGZ series tension sensors offer the highest accuracy, reliability, and durability in the industry. The ultra flat sensor can be used in the most stringent space conditions.

FMS tension measuring amplifiers with EtherNet.IP, Profibus, ProfiNet and EtherCAT protocols. EMGZ310.ComAct amplifiers programmable via Smart Phones or Tablets.

Load cells with 20 times overload protection. Accuracy class 0.3%. 50:1 Force measuring range. Nominal forces from 33 to 25000N. Stainless steel construction.

FMS Telemetry systems – radio transmitted tension (RTM) signal transmission

In applications with rotating machinery commonly found in cable industry, RTM systems are reliably used to transmit wire tensions. This information can be visualized and used for control purposes.

Features: Reliable data transmission, maintenance-free. -No slip-rings required. Easy retrofit. Simple system concept – only 3 components. Highest productivity and efficiency. Robust and maintenance-free. Simple operation.

FMS Web guiding

FMS web guides detect the position of the material with web guide sensors, calculate the deviation from the reference position, and maintain the material at the required position with a steering frame actuator.

FMS’s wide range of web tension control and web guiding products offer many possible modular combinations to cover virtually all applications. FMS’s wide range of web tension control and web guiding products offer many possible modular combinations to cover virtually all applications.

FMS in cable and wire industries

In continuous production processes, the quality of the finished product is directly dependent on the accurate measurement and control of the material tension. Typical applications which can benefit greatly from FMS tension measurement and control include: drawing, stranding, bunching, extruding, unwinding, and winding.

FMS in Converting & Paper Industry

Wherever running web products are manufactured, processed or finished, two factors are critical for the quality of the finished product: constant tension and the consistent lateral position of the web. FMS closed loop control systems for web tension and web guiding continually maintain all the relevant parameters to ensure precise compliance with the reference values. At the same time, these values are made available for comprehensive recording for quality assurance.

FMS in Metals Industry

Strip tension is a major factor in the finished product of metal strip processing. Accurately controlled strip tension results in a better quality product, less waste, improved yield, and faster production machine capability.

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