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Inverters - Basic to High performance Servo

The Lenze Inverter range from 0.25 to 240 kW offers solutions from simple speed control devices to high performance Servo Motion devices. Simple devices are also available for cabinet mounting or as decentralised field devices. Higher performace servo devices are available for single or multiple axis solutions. Lenze inverters are designed with high short term overload capabilties required for Motion solutions.

CG Emotron FDX and VFX controllers are available from 15 kW to 2 MW and ideally suited for pump and fan applications. These also available in 690 volt versions.

Lenze Inverter series i500, 8400 & SMV

The i500 series is the new inverter series in the 0.25 to 110 kW power range. Its distinguishing features are a streamlined design, scalable functionality and exceptional user-friendliness.

The i500 frequency inverters are ideal for applications in the pump, fan, conveyor, travelling, winding, extruder, tool and hoist drive sectors.

Lenze decentralised Inverters – 8400 Motec, Protec, SMV IP65

With Lenze Inverter Drives 8400 protec and 8400 motec, as well as SMV IP65 inverters, Lenze offer precisely tailored products with a high degree of protection for decentralised applications, available in either motor-mounting or wall-mounting versions.

These units available from 0.25 to 7.5 kW. Decentralised application advantages are a reduction in cables, reduced EMC and small main panel sizes. These are typically used in automotive and Intralogistic applications.

Lenze Servo Inverter series 9400 and i950

Servo Inverters for controlled dynamic Motion solutions, Range from 0.37 to 240 kW / 1.4 to 460 Amp. These controllers have the required resolver or encoder feedback options, communication options, IO options and support both synchronous and asynchronous motors. Can be controlled by Motion controller via CIA402 or on board FAST application software modules.

Particularly suitable for the processing of continuous material in the packaging, steel and converting industries, perforating paper webs in the printing industry, winding in the textile and storage technology in the field of Intralogistics.

Lenze Servo Inverter series i700

Servo Inverters for controlled dynamic motion in muli-axis applications. Single inverters from 0.75 to 15 kW / 2.5 to 32 Amp and dual inverters from 0.75 to 7.5 kW / 2.5 to 16 amp.

These inverters are controlled by a Motion Controller via EtherCAT network and CIA402. Particularly suitable for packaging machines and robotic applications.

CG Emotron Inverter Series FDU and VFX

The FDU range has been developed to control flow and pressure in pumps and fans. Available in IP54 from 0.75 to 3000 kW / 2.5 to 3000A or IP20/21 0.75 to 160 kW / 2.5 to 293 A.

The VFX range has been developed for dynamic applications for cranes, crushers, mills and mixers. Features include direct torque control, accurate speed control and efficient vector braking. Available in IP54 from 0.75 to 3000 kW / 2.5 to 3000A or IP20/21 0.75 to 160 kW / 2.5 to 293 A.

The AFE (Active Front End) range are regenerative drives. Available from 55 to 1000 kW / 109 to 1800 Amp.

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