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lenze product control systems - Lenze Control

Lenze Control, Logic, Motion Control, Multi-axis Control and Visualisation

Lenze Control, Logic(PLC), Motion Control and Multi-Axis Control for automation and motion system solutions. These systems are supported by Visualisation technologies.

These controllers are used in multi axis applications such as packaging machines and robotic handling systems. They provide a powerful solution capable of controlling coordinated movements along several axes. They are able to assume the control function of a linear processes.

Motion Control solutions include the Lenze FAST software platform developed for automation applications.

Control software standard is IEC61131-3, PLC Open and Visiwin.

industrial pc - Lenze Control

Lenze Industrial PC v800-C

Machine visualisation with the IPC v800 ( 13.3″to 24″) is easily scaled and implemented. The different screen diagonals and processor capacities are tailor-made for modern visualisation systems and are suitable for any machine concept. All the devices are equipped with the most up-to-date, glove-friendly multi-touch glass sensors.

The operating program can be created intuitively with the engineering software VisiWinNET®.

panel control - Lenze Control

Panel Controller series P300 & P500

Lenze P300 controller for logic (PLC) and visualization in a compact device. Integrated master interfaces for EtherCAT and CanOpen.

Lenze P500 controller for logic (PLC), motion, multi-axis control and visualization in a single device. EtherCAT on board and Ethernet switch integrated.

lenze cabinet controler - Lenze Control

Controller series C300, C500 & 3200

Lenze C300 focuses primarily on basic control (PLC) and motion tasks. Space saving and intelligent at the same time. Integrated master interfaces for EtherCAT and CanOpen.

Lenze 3200 and C500 (RT Linux) with Atom or i7 processor options offer a compact automation platform, especially robust design, large power reserves and a comprehensive set of features. Logic (PLC), Motion, Multi-axis Control and visualization in a single device.

IO systems - Lenze Control

Lenze IO System 1000

The IO 1000 system is a flexible modular din rail IO system where modules are added as required by application.

Modules connect directly onto c300 and 3200 control devices or via bus a coupler. Available couplers are CANopen, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, Modbus/RS485, Profibus & ProfiNET.

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