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Motors made for motion applications

A complete range of high efficiency motors suitable for Motion System Solutions.

The optimum motor design is used for each application. The motors have various feedback, brake and cooling options available in a range of IP Ratings.

All motors can be supplied complete with gear units in order to provide a compact system solution.


SMART motors

SMART Geared motors are drive solutions for chain and roller conveyors with payloads up to 5200 kg.

Integrated motor and equipment contactor and brake resistor without complicated wiring.

Standard control inputs, speed selections significantly reducing product variables.

Lenze MF, IE1 MD, IE2 MH & IE3 m550 Series Inverter operated 3 phase AC motors

Lenze offer inverter-operated three-phase AC motors for a wide range of tasks, covering a power range from 0.12 to 45 kW. These drives come in different efficiency classes and can be used for the versions required for open or closed-loop controlled inverter operation.

Lenze synchronous MCS, M850 and MCM motors

Servo motors are designed for all applications requiring precision and dynamic performance. Synchronous motors for precision controlled motion from 0.5 to 200 Nm.

Compact designs suitable for positioning, robotics, packaging and handling system applications. Smooth surfaces suitable for food industry applications.

Lenze asynchronous MCA, MQA and SDS servo motors

Asynchronous servo motors for heavy duty applications requiring precisely controlled motion. Motors with a range from 2 to 1100 Nm.

Typical applications in cable, winding, paper converting industries with high dynamic loads and precision Motion Control.

LinMot Linear Motors

LinMot linear motors are direct electromagnetic drives. The linear motion is generated without wear, with no intermediary mechanical gearboxes, spindles, or belts.

LinMot industrial linear motors are a design element that offer significant advantages over typical elements such as pneumatic cylinders, servomotors with spindles and belts, or mechanical solutions such as cam, discs or crank designs.

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