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Sprint Electric DC drives and Motors

Sprint Electric design and manufacture state of the art Digital and Analog DC Drives, Digital AC Slip-Ring Drives and DC to DC Drives. Sprint Electric offer motor control solutions up to 1 MW covering both single phase and three phase, regenerative and non-regenerative DC options.

Vascat is a company who are specialists in the manufacture of DC Motors, Asynchronous Vector and Synchronous Torque motors. Their high quality for motors are suitable for dynamic Motion applications.


DC Drives series PL/X

Sprint PL/X series is a fully digital DC drive system providing 5kW – 980kW output power. Available in 2Q (single direction) and 4Q (fully regenerative) variants, the range comprises 5 compact chassis sizes with models rated from 12A to 2250A output current.  The PL/X boasts an extremely versatile operating input voltage range of 12V – 500VAC as standard. Options are available for 600V and 690VAC input.

SPRINT 1120 DC MOTOR CONTROL - Sprint Electric DC Drives

DC Drive series 340/680/1220

Sprint Electric DC Drives for Permanent Magnet or Brushed DC Motor Control.

This comprehensive range of DC Drives offers both non-isolated and isolated drives up to 12.2A output current, suitable for DC motors up to 1.8kW (2.0Hp) output power.

SLIP RING MOTOR DRIVES - Sprint Electric DC Drives

Slip Ring Motor Drives series JL/X

Sprint Electric Slip Ring Motor JL/X series AC Drive is a fully digital drive system providing 45kW – 975kW output power to control AC slip ring motors. The JL/X is built on the same platform as the PL/X and provides identical controls. The JL/X is designed for retrofit applications on cranes, material handling, hoists, pumps, compressors & conveyors.

Vascat DC Motor 1 - Sprint Electric DC Drives

Vascat DC motors

ID and IDX Series of DC motors up to 250 kW, frame size 100-200 mm, IP23.

Excellent dynamics based on robust control. Simple regenerative braking. High efficiency. Low Electromagnetic interference (EMI). Cost efficiency in high power applications

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