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Many years of experience in the second tier Steel Industry with automation solutions.

We work with OEM machine builders on new machines as well as the upgrading and automation of older lines. Due to the nature of these lines. safety is an important supply component.

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Press Feeders

Combining high accuracy servo motors and controllers with low backlash precision gear units to ensure repeatable accuracy at high speeds.

Control is integrated with various press or cut-to-length systems via precision encoder cam switching. Easy set-up with recipe based interfaces. Various control options for venting, die recognition and lubrication systems. Safety systems are included as standard.

All systems are supplied with SA Power Edge-Control enabling reporting and other functions.

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Hydraulic and Mechanical Press Electrical Systems

Electrical automation of hydraulic and mechanical presses including main motor drives.

Complete press safety system (Pilz) tested and programmed for the required safe control on clutch and brake hydraulics, switching, load sensing, light curtains, double hand controls and other required safeties for presses.

The control system manages all hydraulics and allows for additional features for automation around the press and tooling. Real time and historic reporting with SA Power Edge-Control.

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Decoiling and Straightening

These lines or mostly included as part of press or feeder lines or as standalone systems.

Smooth operation of the straightening function with loop control to avoid material ripple.

Complete control of all electrical and hydraulic functions of the straightener and unwinder with required safety levels.

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Slitting Lines

Electrical automation for new or existing slitting lines. Both AC and DC technologies have been used for such line solutions.

Accurate unwind and rewind tension control over the full speed, diameter ranges and material ranges. Synchronized control of  slitting rolls, manual and automatic functions.

Complete control of all air and hydraulic functions. Line safety ensured with our own tested solutions on PIlz safety devices. Real time and historic reporting with SA Power Edge-Control.

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Cut to Length Lines

Electrical automation for new and existing cut to length lines from decoiling, straightening, feeding, cutting and stacking systems.

The complete range of servo and control technologies to ensure efficient and accurate production. Recipe systems allows for easy product changes.

Complete safety systems with own tested solutions on Pilz safety devices. Real time and historic reporting with SA Power Edge-Control;.

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Automation and Sequencing

Complete system solutions for the sequencing of products through the press. Systems can be mounted front and back or with side entry.

The systems can be individually taught by the machine setter and saved as a recipe for that product. The customer has the flexibility to control gripper or suction systems as part of the recipe.

The systems are designed to interlock with the press control and press safety systems. Additional features such as die recognition or interface with camera systems is possible with SA Power Edge-Control.

Successful applications

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Slitting Line Electrical Install & Upgrade

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Press Electrical & Safety Upgrade

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Forging Press Electrical Install & Upgrade

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Press Electrical & Safety Install

HPIM1195 300x225 - Steel Industry

Aluminium Slitter Rewinder

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