Internet of Things for Industry
Offering value added services and products to our customers through good engineering and years of experience. We work with our customer to get more – more information to assist decision making; more access to ensure productivity; more value out of production.

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MIS factory-wide:

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Downtime Information:

Access to Remote Stations:

Messages via Telegram:
Remote Access via Mobile Device:

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) has become a requirement for all manufacturing industries. Information and the access to it is critical to make Realtime decisions for improving quality and efficiency.

One of the biggest commodities these days is information. Information is a customer’s biggest asset. By delivering the customer’s information in real-time and in a format that assist them in making decisions, are of great value to them.

At SA Power, we create extra value with our IIoT solutions:

  • Expert Engineering and Design
  • Remote Access and Monitoring
  • Realtime Maintenance Notification
  • MIS ( Machine Information System) Dashboard

How then can such IIOT devices and software create Outcomes that add value for our customers.

  • Opportunities are endless and many things can be done and adapted “to add customer value”
  • Mostly this requires programming time and costs and certain hardware inputs.
  • It is therefore necessary to focus on the easiest things that can add the most value first. It is important to understand the customer needs to find out which value add will derive the most benefit.
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