Our training is provided to meet specific customer requirements. It is very dependent on each customers own installed base and applications.

The most common training is the basic fault finding, diagnostics and back-ups. The next step is training on software tools and thereafter application specific advanced training.


This is basic training for maintenance staff and service technicians on how to fault find and apply diagnostic principles for our products.

It is practical training and if often carried out at the customers site on installed products. The training can be coordinated in each region with the local service teams.


This training covers the use of our software tools. These tools can be used for diagnostic and back-up purposes and is mostly freeware. They can also be used for application programming where an overview is provided. This software and cables are not freeware.


This is training for a specific customer application. It will normally be a senior technician, programmer or engineer that is trained.

This training will cover from design, software selection, to programming, commissioning and testing.


This training is normally part of the System or Project implementation.

It takes place during or on completion of a project and covers the running, service and support of the installed system.

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