Managing Technology Lifecycles

technology lifecycle commonly refers to an organizational process of researching, purchasing, and implementing relevant new technologies for business growth. It focuses on organizational innovation, efficiency and productivity via technology. Large changes can be seen in motor vehicles and cell phones.

product lifecycle is associated with the phases a product goes through, from its ideation and creation to its market introduction, adoption, and eventual decline. Examples of famous products that reached end of life are Kodak and Blackberry.

Industrial Automation Technologies are going through some of the most significant lifecycle changes. These are brought about by huge advances in micro-chips where “Moore’s Law” of doubling the number of transistors on a micro-chip every two years is making them more capable, efficient, and cost effective.
In the automation environment, the faster processors, and larger memory, are used for control, communication as well as data processing and data storage.
In the automation field communication technologies changed to the faster EtherNET networks which is the current accepted standard. Secure and safe high speed data transmission allows for options of centralised or decentralised control. Safety systems have changed significantly with Safe EtherNET based communication.

SA Power is continually discovering and applying new technologies that we practically apply in our service and system solutions. Our customers can be assured that we are providing the latest and correct technologies for each machine application. We use the latest technologies to assist with Lifecycle Management, supporting current and previous technologies, that we and other machine builders, have installed over the last 40 years.

For our customers and machine builders, managing technology and product life cycles, is an critical element of managing costs, efficiencies and risks.

SA Power is extremely aware of current and past technologies and their life cycles. Through our customer Service, we are geared to manage technology and product life cycles with our customers. Our Service team, supported by our Engineers and Integration teams, are able to design and implement solutions for our customers to stay on the right side of the technology cycle in their plant.

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