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Servo and Machine Motion

Servo control technologies in combination with high performance motors and gear systems are designed to achieve precision speed, position and torque motion solutions.

SA Power has over 20 years of experience in Lenze servo motion control in a large range of applications such as converting, cable, steel, packaging, winding and hoisting. Single-axis to multi-axis applications from 0.25 to 200 kW with various communication technologies.

The Solutions pages exhibit some of our application experience.

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Lenze 9400, i700 and i950 Servo Controllers

This range of controllers offer the latest in high performance servo technology from 0.37 kW to 200 kW in single or multi-axis applications.

The Servo controllers can be controlled as CIA402 or with on board Lenze FAST motion solutions.

The controllers can be networked with EtherCAT system bus as well as latest communication protocols.


Lenze Servo Motors

Lenze have a complete range of synchronous (0.25 to 15.8 kW/0.5 to 190 Nm)  and asynchronous (0.8 to 60.2 kW/2.0 to 1100 Nm) servo motors. The Lenze inverter optimised motors can be fitted with feedback and forced cooling for servo applications.

The Lenze motor range can provide motors for dynamic applications or slow high torque applications with feedback from resolvers to precision SinCos feedback.

The Lenze motor range can be combined with Lenze high load, low backlash gear units providing a complete system solution.

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Lenze FAST Software Toolbox

FAST modular software system consisting of ready-made and tested technology modules for various machine functions. The approach of using standard modules makes it easy to implement machine functions. Tested FAST modules ensure quality and the ability to cost effectively realise complex machine applications.

FAST Technology Modules electrical shaft, cam profile motion, winding, delta robot, positioning, rotary cutter, cross cut saws, pick & place are some examples.

Lika Encoder - Servo Automation

Lika High resolution encoders

Resolving motion requires accurate position feedback used for motion profiles or CAM switching points.

Here we use EtherCAT and CAN absolute encoders with 18 bit single turn resolution. This is a tried and tested solution for packaging machines, steel presses and paper converting industries.

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FMS Dynamic Load Cells

FMS dynamic load cells are used for the accurate tension measurement where materials are being unwound, processed or printed and then rewound. These processes require that the material tension is accurately controlled. To achieve this accuracy, the servo controllers require an accurate feedback of actual tension. FMS load cells are specifically designed to achieve this.

With FMS load cells it is possible to eliminate the need for dancer systems. The accurate tension feedback allows for accurate tension control over large diameter and speed ranges.

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