Bunchers & Twisters – Wire & Cable

SA Power has a long history of providing solutions for the Wire and Cable Industry.

Bunching and Twisting processes require precise speed and tension control in order to ensure a quality product. Manufacturers demand tight production tolerances which are constantly checked and certified. Production consistency is therefore essential.

Typical production requirements are a bow speed 5500 rpm, 125 m/min (lay dependent)  with tension stability over the full bobbin diameter range.



SA Power provides a complete automation solution from the Control, Web Interface, Servo and Frequency Inverters, AC and Servo motors. Unique on bunchers is the design of the Twisting Bow which requires control signals to be sent to and from the cradle to the external machine control. Cabling is not possible, so power transfer can occur via slip rings and signal transfer using wireless control.

Wireless control signals from the carriage includes wire tension from load cell, rotational speed of the drum and safety interlocks.  The main control panel and wireless systems are enclosed in compliant electrical enclosures.

All control software runs on SA Power’s own software image. Additional functionality such as data logging for quality and reference purposes, are already developed and available depending on customer requirements.

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