LinMot – Rethinking Linear Motion

Linear motion in machines requires high linear speeds, accurate positioning and force control. LinMot motors, controllers and modules achieve these requirements with a high degree of accuracy and consistency.

The LinMot system has opened the door for our engineering team to completely re-evaluate machine processes when trying to meet customer requirements. It is no longer a matter of replacing pneumatics or traditional belt and ball screw mechanics. LinMot motors are brushless synchronous motors with neodymium magnet sliders allows for an efficient, smooth and quiet operation. The tubular design makes it easy to install the motor, reducing the footprint and achieving unrivaled force density. Motors are coupled directly to the load, eliminating mechanical losses from transmission components (gearboxes, timing belts, pulleys, cams, lead screws, etc.). There is no need to worry about backlash and speed-dependent losses.

SA Power re-evaluating the requirements from first principles, using LinMot capabilities, has provided more simple solutions with higher flexibility and more precise control. Such redesigns have resulted in enormous cost of ownership reductions for our customers.

LinMot Linear Rotary motors are characterised by excellent flexibility, dynamics and speed for closing, filling, capping and assembling applications. Two electromagnetic servo motors are combined to achieve linear and rotary movements in the simplest way. Flexible carousel machines with 16 stations can process up to 300 bottles per minute.

The packaging application shown is in the food industry. The solution was not achievable with pneumatics – speeds and precision could not be achieved. Compact precise positioning was required on the horizontal axis. LinMot FM01 modules were used with two moving stators and carriages mounted on precision rail guides ensuring stability over the machine width. LinMot DM01 modules were used on the vertical axis where accurate positioning with force monitoring was achieved. The position and force capability was for a sealing process to take place. LinMot C1150 servo controllers providing precise control, optimum torque/force control and a wide range of features with EtherCAT communication.
The machine control and operator interface with SA Power developed Edge systems providing a turnkey solution.

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