Press Control and Automation Incorporating safety standards

The Cat4 Sil3 operating requirements for presses represent a high standard of safety and reliability in industrial machinery. SA Power, as a provider of press safety solutions, has meticulously engineered and validated safety systems, software, and safety relays that adhere to these stringent Cat4/Sil3 standards. These systems are specifically designed to ensure the highest levels of safety in press operations.

In SA Power’s safety solutions, the safety circuit and devices are seamlessly integrated into the press control circuit. This integration not only enhances the overall efficiency of the system but also ensures that safety features are an integral part of the press’s operational framework. Users can conveniently monitor safety status and conduct fault finding through a user-friendly web interface, providing a transparent view of the system’s health and potential issues.

The press control operating modes offered by SA Power’s solutions encompass a wide range of functionalities, including set-up, manual, semi-automatic, and automatic operations. The control extends to critical aspects such as clutch and brake control, safety valves, and hydraulic power packs. Additionally, features like double hand control, shut height adjustments, CAM switches, cushions, and lubrication systems are meticulously tested and integrated into the overall safety system.

Press Control and Automation

SA Power’s automation capabilities go beyond basic safety measures. The scope includes advanced features like sequencing systems, die recognition, and tooling optimization, allowing for a more streamlined and efficient press operation. These automation features contribute to not only safety but also productivity and precision in manufacturing processes.

Furthermore, SA Power understands the diverse needs of its customers and, therefore, provides flexible information reporting options. This customization ensures that the safety solutions are tailored to meet specific customer requirements. The emphasis on flexibility highlights SA Power’s commitment to delivering solutions that are not only compliant with industry standards but also adaptable to the unique demands of different manufacturing environments.

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