Industrial Internet of Things

Digitization in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is currently undergoing considerable change as the COVID pandemic has forced more companies in the industrial sector to change the way they integrate technology in business operations. Industrial machinery and component manufacturers have systematically embraced smart technologies but the COVID pandemic has forced an increased need for transformation to a more digital

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Servo Automation

Vascat Asynchronous Servo Motors: High Dynamic Electrical Machines

SA Power has recently supplied Vascat Asynchronous servo motor for a highly dynamic rotary shear application in the metal industry. The Vascat MAC Q series Vascat motors have excellent dynamic performance with high power densities which are required in this application. The motor is controlled by Lenze 9400 Servo Inverter achieving a powerful System Solution.

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We Have An Important Message to Convey!

Conveyors are an integral part of in a number of industries. Commercial, Industrial, and intralogistics applications all have some sort of conveyor somewhere in the manufacturing process. Conveyor motors requires the maximum torque starting condition, though, once a system is running at speed; the required torque and energy requirements drop substantially. According to the South African Market

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Industrial Brakes

Winds of Change

Earlier this month, World Economic Forum released a report on new energy capacity highlighting the global shift towards more renewable energy sources. Their research shows that in 2020 more than 80% of new energy capacity was renewable marking a remarkable decade for green energy. Since 2010 the world’s solar energy capacity has increased by 700% while wind

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