Consolidation Notice

SA Power Group Companies – Notice to Debtors and Creditors

SA Power Services is a group of companies, providing services to our customers across the African continent. In order to improve efficiencies and structure, all SA Power Group companies will be amalgamated into one company – SA Power Services (Pty) Ltd. This decision has been made from a position of strength and to optimize the structure for future growth.

The following companies will be trading as branches of SA Power Services (Pty) Ltd from 1 December 2022 and not as individual companies:

1. SA Power Gauteng (Pty) Ltd
2. SA Power Technical Services (Pty) Ltd
3. SA Power Western Cape (Pty) Ltd
4. SA Power KZN (Pty) Ltd
5. SA Power Eastern Cape (Pty) Ltd
6. SA Power Integration Services (Pty) Ltd

To facilitate a seamless transition, our administration staff will be contacting suppliers and customers to ensure the transfer of the branch accounts to SA Power Services (Pty) Ltd before end of November 2022. Some vendors may therefore have two accounts (both the current and the new account in SA Power Services) for a short period of time.

The amalgamation will not affect our obligations and payments to our suppliers or service delivery to our customers.

I am aware that the changing of company details and banking details can be concerning, and therefore our administration staff will provide all the necessary information to confirm the company details of SA Power Services.

Direct contact can be made to myself, or

Scip Vernede
Managing Director

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