Digitization in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is currently undergoing considerable change as the COVID pandemic has forced more companies in the industrial sector to change the way they integrate technology in business operations.

Industrial machinery and component manufacturers have systematically embraced smart technologies but the COVID pandemic has forced an increased need for transformation to a more digital approach and make it part of standard business practices.

In a recent article by Judy Cubiss, titled Industrial Manufacturers – Time To Deliver Value Not Products she discusses how industrial manufacturing has changed from pre-pandemic times and how the pandemic boosted a shift in mindset of selling outcomes instead of products.

The shift towards digitization is believed to create more opportunities for new customer-focused business models. Many industry experts believe that this shift will enable manufacturers to not only sell products, but solutions and outcomes. This is a core philosophy at the SA Power Group. We believe that it is of utmost importance to listen to our customers to clearly understand their needs, and in doing so developing a personalized solution to address those needs.

Nowadays customers expect more than just quality products, as more and more OEM’s are experiencing an increasingly competitive market where the threat of commoditization of products are not an advantage anymore. Thus is important for manufacturers not only to produce quality products but also create value by creating outcomes which in effect is when good service offerings are aligned with quality products.

The future of digitization offers a lot of opportunities and challenges. According to Gustavo Milan from the industrial machinery and components industry business unit at SAP the challenges and opportunities will mainly arise from integration, collaboration and data. These three pillars of digitization is an integral part of what we do at SA Power. Our business units, Engineering; Service and Support; and Training are all integrated to provide our clients with the best solutions and outcomes.

The SA Power Group has been integrating technology from pre-pandemic times as the need to be more virtual and digital seemed a no-brainer to assist our clients in a more efficient manner. The shift to more digitized business operations is creating a growing culture of innovators within the manufacturing sector and at SA Power it is ingrained in our DNA to be more innovative and in doing so help our clients streamline their operations.

Our engineers are experts in Machine Control, Motion and Scada systems. We are leading the way with Digitization and Machine Information systems. From consultation and design to implementation, our engineers can provide a wide range of solutions for our customers.

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